Is your company looking for a temporary IT Consultant? You are at the right Place. Scholax Professional Staffing team is specialized in finding the Talented Technology consultants to match your staffing needs. We are serving fortune 1000 clients in all varieties of industries to augment their temporary staffing positions with our top rated Technology Scholars.

Scholax Motto:

We have an earnest desire to promote GENUINE CAREERS and be Innovation Champions in the employment recruitment industry.

Scholax Is a Recruiting Savior for Employers:

Today, the Internet is swarming with a wide array of job  sites, all providing you colorful profiles of many job seekers, each better  than the other. It can be a mind boggling task to filter out the best candidate who will suit your organization in every possible way. Many candidates try to get cushy careers in reputed companies by producing fake credentials, afterwards producing poor productivity, leading to an organization’s downfall. Scholax can come to your rescue and be your savior. We can help you pre-screen the most genuine candidates for the job vacancy you desire to fill. Meeting your recruitment demands is our duty. Scholax will provide the most deserving candidate, who will fit in every possible way into your organization.

Scholax Takes the Responsibility

Scholax understands you want to pursue larger goals and achieve dizzying heights in your business. It is a tedious process to browse through a large volume of candidate profiles, screen them, validate each application, communicate with them all, call them for an interview, and make a final selection. Scholax wants to let you focus on your business, so allow us to take these cumbersome tasks off your busy shoulders. Scholax will make every effort to scan and validate each separate credential of individual job aspirants using a thorough scrutinizing process.

Scholax Provides Reliability

Scholax has a skilled, vigilant team that will verify each job seeker’s Educational background, work experience, Visa Status, previous employer references and much more. We promote job aspirants who are verified by Scholax and have achieved a Five- Star grade. By relying on Scholax you can focus on other aspects of your business and pursue your goals more effectively.

Scholax boasts of a well- qualified, experienced Human Resource Management team, who will evaluate job seeker’s credentials and rate them accordingly.

If you are looking for peace of mind, an efficient team that can handle your recruiting process and deliver the best candidates for your needs, then Scholax is your answer.

Entrust your job seeking to us and get the most productive team to work for you. With its unparalleled efforts and proficient, unique approach, Scholax is a radical human resources l innovator. We stand a class apart from other job sites on the web portal today




Employer Features

  • Job Seeker Education Verified
  • Job Seeker Experience Verified
  • Job Seeker Visa Status Verified
  • Job Seeker References Verified
  • Job Seeker Rating
  • Powerful Filters
  • Target the right candidate