Job Seeker

Job Seeker

At Scholax, we understand your dilemma. As an energetic job seeker, you are faced with a wide array of good companies, offering good positions and promising careers. You become confused when you receive numerous calls from recruiters asking interviews. Choosing and filtering these calls down to select the best and most highly reputed companies can be a tedious and nerve wracking process, especially if you are new to the process and inexperienced in recruitment.

Job seekers with false credentials are swarming everywhere, trying to fill same job vacancy as you are. It’s a tight, cut- throat competition where survival comes to the fittest and tension is always at its peak. How can you validate your genuine documents against their forgeries? It can be terribly frustrating to prove yourself to recruiters again and again.

Scholax is here to help. We can take care of recruitment worries. Trust us to help you walk down a productive career path.

Scholax Assurance: Scholax will assure you a tension- free lucrative career once you contact us and allow us to handle your recruitment problems. You will get a job you like that suits for your temperament. You can then use your professional skills and grow a successful career. After screening your credentials and capabilities, Scholax delivers your profile to reputable companies who are looking for reliable, hardworking, genuine candidates.

Scholax removes all your doubts about which company is genuine and thus truly empowers your growth. Scholax helps all its Job Seekers to measure their past credentials to present requirements and move toward a productive future. We run a thorough feedback report on each organization,  validate its past profile, measure its future aspirations, reviews its track  record with former employees, and then compiles a profile match that of the Job  Seeker. Each Scholax team member is efficient and will go the extra mile to get you a job that matched your skills, education, and expertise, giving you the potential to grow professionally.

Once you register with us, you become Scholax’s dutiful responsibility. We will take care of your needs, honor your dreams, and fulfill them to the best of our abilities.



Scholax Job Seeker’s Features

  • Improve your job opportunities
  • Job Seeker’s Credentials Verification
  • Target the Right Job
  • Multi Media Resumes
  • Profile Sharing
  • Advanced Privacy options
  • Powerful Filters